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column_1_title_1 = Advertise Your Business or Event in the HNS Weekly Newsletter!

Advertise Your Business or Event in the HNS Weekly Newsletter!

With one of the highest quality email lists in the market, we put your message, business, event, product or service in the spotlight
and generate buzz, exposure, attendance and sales to our members. Our weekly guide serves as a channel for businesses, venues, and planners to promote their respective brands and functions to target their demographic while advising subscribers where to go and what to do in the city.We share our newsletter on our various social media channels to reach even more of our followers and create more of an interaction. We find that the newsletter is the easiest and most cost-effective way of reaching our distinct demographic.

For Charitable Events: Retail Fees are Waived. Only Administrative Sending Fees Apply

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  • 52,000+ Young Professionals seeking to be informed of compelling brands, fun events, and important information about what exciting things are happening in Baltimore and surrounding counties.
  • Ages 25-45
  • 53 percent male 47 percent female.


  • Have HNS send a Dedicated Email about your Business or Event
  • Feature an Ad
  • Endorse an Ad
  • Sponsor Boxes


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